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Turquoise Pendants

Natural Turquoise Pendants by LotusMoon

The turquoise stone is ancient, yet again and again this wonderful blue turquoise jewellery is top in fashion. Either as gemstone or turquoise birthstone its shining sky blue is one of the most popular trend colours in the world of jewellery and fashion.  For turquoise meaning in many cultures of the Old and New Worlds the turquoise gemstone has been esteemed for thousands of years as a bringer of good fortune. Turquoise jewellery is often given as a gift, a gemstone of friendship and faithfulness.  Please note:   Our turquoise pendant prices do not include sterling silver chain which is sold separately.

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LotusMoon use turquoise stone from several sources including Arizona, India and The Middle East. Highly prized is the dark coloured matrix or 'crazing' you sometimes see in turquoise pendants, and this is what we seek to use in our larger turquoise pendant jewellery designs. Here are our finest gemstone & sterling silver Natural Turquoise pendants . We offer you a wide range and great choice of designs in turquoise pendants at affordable prices. LotusMoon always offer free shipping & quality guarantee. As always, we provide best quality value for money with money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee and targeted same-day free shipment.

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