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Sky Blue Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz jewellery

Blue topaz is said to be the gemstone of true love, bringing success in all endeavours. See more here on Blue topaz meaning.

Lotusmoon offers you a choice of two jewellery ranges; either the light shades of Sky Blue Topaz jewellery shown below, or the darker shade offered on our Swiss blue topaz jewellery page. Both include bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants.

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Blue Topaz gem

Blue Topaz gems are usually formed by treatment of colourless topaz which is fairly common, Topaz can be found in huge and flawless crystals and can be faceted into giant gems weighing thousands of carats. Some of the largest gemstone pieces ever cut were of topaz stone. Blue topaz gem is hard and durable, unaffected by most chemical solvents. However, it does have perfect cleavage which can make it prone to chipping or forming flaws if the gem is banged hard.

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