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Red Jasper

Red Jasper gems

Many of the beautiful pebbles found on almost any sea beach or lake shore, or in the beds of streams, are gems of Jasper.  The gemstone colour may be red, yellow, green, brown, bluish, and black or banded in stripes of different colors.


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Like Agate, Jasper is an opaque version of chalcedony, which gives it colourful bands and patterns.

Red Jasper jewellery

 Red Jasper jewellery is ancient, as Jasper was a favourite gem in the old world and is mentioned in the bible and other classical sources (see the Red Jasper meaning). Jasper is a pretty hard substance which makes for good wearing in red jasper jewellery, as well as for tools and weapons! LotusMoon Red Jasper jewellery has cut and polished red jasper cabochons set into sterling silver as red jasper rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.  Please remember our Satisfaction Guarantee and head down and enjoy Shopping! .

Jasper stone was highly prized by the North American Indians, and is the " jasper " referred to by Longfellow in Hiawatha:

" At the doorway of his wigwam
 Sat the ancient Arrow-maker In
 the land of the Dacotahs, Making
arrow-heads of jasper,
Arrow-heads of chalcedony."

Jasper stone was in fact used in tools and weapons during prehistoric times millions of years ago and in onamentation and other uses throughout the Ages. In the Vatican there is a beautiful vase of Red Jasper. In China the Emperor's seal is of Jasper; and in that country the stone is highly valued. Red jasper was developed in Argos, Greece, and was a favorite with the Romans.