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Prehnite gemstones

Prehnite is a lovely lime or olive-green translucent gemstone, which in LotusMoon's prehnite jewellery comes as a polished gem with a lovely, soft, inner glow not seen in faceted gemstones like peridot - which sparkle rather than glow.


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Prehnite jewellery

Prehnite jewellery fits well with most Season colours. To get the most from the prehnite meaning one should wear prehnite jewellery close to the skin. A Prehnite ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings will suit nicely. Check out prehnite birthstones, zodiac signs and colour srasons from the prehnite meaning link above and shop LotusMoon's Prehnite jewellery for exactly the right piece which suits.

Prehnite occurs naturally in parts of Europe, China and the US and the prehnite colour is natural and not artificially enhanced.
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