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Peridot gem

The vivid green of the peridot gemstone, with just a slight hint of gold, is your ideal colour if you're looking to wear gems in sprng or autumn season colors. Peridot jewellery is a lovely green which is sometimes confused with emerald, but it actually tends to be clearer! A good quality peridot gem is deep, pure green in color. It is very attractive but rare enough to definitely turn heads.


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Peridot jewellery

LotusMoon has some wonderful Peridot jewellery in the lovely natural green of peridot stone: Please browse our peridot jewellery range, and remember our Satisfaction Guarantee - so do enjoy shopping!

Peridot jewellery is very popular today, but was also well-known in ancient times. It is so ancient that 4,000 years ago peridot jewellery was said to be the favorite of Cleopatra, Pharaoh and Queen of Egypt. The Romans called peridot "evening emerald" since its green color did not darken at night but was still visible by lamplight. The color of Peridot stone is natural and not enhanced.

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