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Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings

People have loved pearl rings since ancient times.  The finest quality pearls have been used as objects of beauty in pearl rings for many centuries, and the word pearls has become a metaphor for something rare, fine, and admirable. See more on Pearl meaning.

Pearl rings in sterling silver by LotusMoon

Pearl rings go great with any outfit. Whatever you wear the pearl and silver ensemble captures the softest light with its own natural soft silky glow. Whether for formal or casual wear, a stylish handcrafted pearl ring will always turn a head or catch the eye. Pearls are especially fashionable wearing with black or white, and pearls combined with sterling silver makes for a great combination. Surely there's no nicer way to show off your pearls than with a wave of your wrist or a flourish of the finger. .

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LotusMoon has exquisite sterling silver pearl rings in strikingly different designs and styles. Our pearl rings range features solitaire and multi-pearl settings all set in 925 sterling silver. The solitaire rings include a small delicate ring (code 2505)  which is most is often sought as a promise ring, and four other designs with larger stones from 7-10mm in size which are bold and striking. The two multi-pearl settings are both three-stone pearl rings; the 2545 with simple design and the 2540 with considerably more sterling silver.

Ring sizes: LotusMoon follows US sizing with rings usually in the range from size 6 to 9. For more information please check our ring sizes guide.