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Pearl Pendants

A finely made pearl pendant is one of the most fabulous and versatile jewellery pieces to wear. We can use a long or a short chain to wear the piece snug or away from the neck. It may be worn under a top close to the skin, over a tunic or outside a cardigan. And Pearl as a pendant enjoys pride of place through its prominence and the ease with which its its soft white glow blends in colour harmony with most outfits in your wardrobe. Pearls have been esteemed in value for ages past. "Pearl" of course also means rare and beautiful. and LotusMoon are very pleased to be able to offer people such a wide range in pearl pendant.

Pearl pendant by LotusMoon

A LotusMoon pearl pendant uses high quality pearls sourced from Bali and set into nickel free 925 sterling silver. A little known property of pure sterling silver is that it has none of those nickel features which cause skin irritation. This is especially important when wearing any piece of jewellery close to the skin.

LotusMoon offer a very wide range of gemstone pearl pendants from single drops to "cross" pendants and 9-stone pearl drops. Please note:   Pendant prices do not include sterling silver chain which is sold separately.

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