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Pearl Earrings

For ages past ladies have been in love with pearl earrings. The word pearl is always held to mean something which is fine, rare and beautiful. Pearls of the finest quality have enjoyed pride of place as pearl earrings for hundreds of years.  All LotusMoon's jewellery and pearl earrings especially, use real natural pearls set in sterling silver of the highest quality. Pearls and sterling silver look so good together, a match made in heaven.

Pearl earrings by LotusMoon

LotusMoon have a range of pearl earrings which will really catch the eye!  LotusMoon's pearl earrings are formed from Balinese pearls handcrafted onto secure nickel-free 925 sterling silver. And again as always the soft natural pearl radiance and smooth glow of sterling silver blends wonderfully with a black or white ensemble.Pearl earrings by LotusMoon make for a wonderfully stylish and elegant gift which will beautify the best in almost any wardrobe. White pearls blend marvellously with all faces, skin types and hair colours and look especially smart when worn together with black or white. Here's the LotusMoon pearl earrings range and do note our below remarks regarding set-building.

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Pearl earrings and pendants set-building

Please browse our pearl earring selection above including stud, drop and more pearl earrings. Perhaps take a close look at the pearl cross earrings featuring 5 pearls on each ear. In fact if you're looking to match earrings and pendants, the three matching pieces shown below are certainly worth a very close look,
pearl-earrings-2360 pearl-earrings-2395 pearl-earrings-2400
pearl-pendant-2435 pearl-pendant-2480 pearl-pendant-2485