Natural Gemstones Handcrafted in Sterling Silver

Pearl Bracelets

Pearls and sterling silver are a match made in heaven, so a pearl bracelet worn on the wrist will really catch the eye!

Many so-called pearl bracelets are little more than round pearls set onto a threaded string which is bracelet-shaped with a connection clasp at either end. Often, if the bracelet fails it will be through breakage of the connecting thread.
By contrast LotusMoon's pearl bracelets are from Balinese pearls handcrafted onto secure nickel-free sterling silver. And again as always the soft natural pearl radiance and smooth glow of sterling silver blends wonderfully with a black or white ensemble.

Pearl bracelet by LotusMoon

A Pearl bracelet by LotusMoon makes for a very stylish gift which will enhance and bring out the best in most any outfit you might wear. Pearls with silver can be worn on all ocassions and with all season colours: colours including the pastels shades of summer and the brighter reds and blues of spring. For a winter-season person and used with either casual or formal gear a pearl bracelet looks specially nice if you're planning to be wearing matching colours like black, or white with black or white accessories. Here's the LotusMoon pearl bracelet range and following below the pics you can browse two favourite examples from our LotusMoon pearl bracelet range:

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As a very simple piece the #2300 Pearl Bracelet handcrafted bracelet with 11 round 5mm Balinese pearls are slender, simple yet stylish, elegant and graceful.

For another wonderful contrasting colour combination shop LotusMoon's huge and chunky Black Onyx and Pearl bracelet featured here. This star bracelet is a Black Onyx and Pearl Bracelet which is handmade to LotusMoon's design with 4 large 10mm round Bali pearls and 4 x Oval 14x10mm faceted cabochon Black Onyx (Brazil) gemstones all seven stones set in in nickel-free 925 sterling silver as described below.