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Opal Rings

The word 'opalescence' means of course from opal and the opal glow or irridescence which we find in precious opals. Buy this handmade sterling silver black opal ring today in your own finger size for immediate shipment. If October is your birthmonth then an opal ring is magic for you. Shop LotusMoon for our special choice of opal ring.

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These dainty opal rings by LotusMoon are quite small and exquisite and 100% satisfactionh guaranteed. . Initially designed as a promise ring, this opal ring style 2290 is quite charming and available ex stock for immediate shipment. Opal loves to be worn often (see below) and this magical ring is a great way to show off these lovely Australian black opal gemstones.

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For something very different shop our boulder opal rings or find an opal mosaic ring from LotusMoonjewellery.

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Care of your opal ring

Opal is a "living" gemstone, which means your opal ring must be protected from dryness, heat and detergents which may "dry out" the gem and cause crazing and loss of iridescence. Wear your opal ring as often as possible, to gain needed humidity from the air and from your skin. As opal is quite a soft gemstone do take care to avoid wear from scratches and knocks. When not in use store your ring in a sealed watertight container like the small plastic zip bag which it came in from LotusMoon, together with a damp piece of cotton wool to preserve the humidity.

Clean your opal ring with a moistened soft cloth, no soap and do NOT clean your opal ring in a home ultrasonic cleaner.