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Opal Mosaic

LotusMoon makes opal mosaic jewellery with stunning colours and patterns. From the opal mosaic range, shop for a fine opal mosaic ring, pendant or bracelet. Browse the mosaic opal meaning which is of course also that of the single opal. Please browse below for the Opal Mosaic jewellery range. Remember also our Satisfaction Guarantee so do head down and enjoy Shopping!

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Opal Mosaic gemstone [opal mozaic]

Opal Mosaic gems (or Mosaic opals) are very popular, as they display brilliant colour at very reasonable prices compared to the price of solid-gem opal. A Mosaic Opal gemstone comprises three layers:  a black backing to enhances the fire colour; a  thin centre slice of small pieces of natural crystal opal stone (fitted closely together to form the opal mosaic or jigsaw) resutling in high visual impact; a quartz or glass top to protect the opal. An opal mosaic stone with these three layers is similar to an opal triplet, save for the middle layer (in the case of the triplet) being a whole slice from single opal gems.

Opal Mosaic jewellery

While the mosaic is handmade, the comprising fragments are selected from a wide range of natural pieces to create opal mosaic jewellery often with fantastic colours and contrasts.