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In fine opal jewellery all of Nature’s splendour seems to be reflected with fire and lightnings, all the colours of the rainbow and the soft shine of far seas. Opal is the most colorful of gems. Its splendid play of color is unsurpassed, and fine examples can even be more valuable than diamond. The opal gemstone is one of the most beautiful which Nature provides and needs tender care.

Opal Jewellery

The LotusMoon opal jewellery range includes opal rings and earrings, bracelets and opal pendants. For exceptional value for money check out our opal ring selection and please remember our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so do head down and enjoy Shopping!
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Opal Gemstone

The play of color consists of iridescent color flashes that change with the angle at which the gemstone is viewed. This phenomenon is often called opalescence which is key in determining the value of Opal gems.
Opals displaying play of color are known as Precious Opals, and opals lacking play of color are called Common Opals.
Precious Opal is the primary gem form of the opal gemstone. The most desired and beautiful form of opal is Black Opal, which is an opal gem with a dark blue, dark green, or black background and a strong play of color:
source: www.minerals.net
LotusMoon's opal jewellery uses primarily Precious Opals which may be cut and polished in several ways.
First, is the whole stone (cabochon) which is cut and
Second are Opal triplets which have three pieces sandwiched together, with a thin piece of precious opal cemented to a backing and a clear quartz cap placed on top to protect and bring out the colour of the opal.
opal triplet
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