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Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz jewellery

 The iridescent effect of mystic topaz is unknown in most gemstones (mother of pearl an exception) and makes mystic topaz the perfect choice for unique rings without resorting to outrageous styles or complicated settings. While mystic topaz jewellery is often seen in rings, it is also used on earrings, pendants and bracelets. For great looking jewellery which is still traditional but gives off a wonderful array of colors, look into LotusMoon's Mystic Topaz jewellery. The line includes just a wonderful mystic topaz ring and pendant at present, so please tell us if you'd like to see us extend the range!

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Mystic Topaz gem

Mystic Topaz jewellery is well established because the coating is on the underside, so the top of the gemstone is still natural (no coating) and therefore very resistant to every day use. As topaz is itself a very hard-wearing stone, this combinatrion makes each mystic topaz gem not only unbelievably lovely, but also very durable and perfect for jewellery.

"Mystic Topaz" gemstone is a trade name for colourless topaz of high clarity that has had a very thin layer of titanium metal coated to the underside of the gemcut stone. This very thin titanium layer causes interference patterns with light entering the stone, displaying a beautiful rainbow of iridescent colours, similar to the colour range you see with oil on water (see also iridescence in Mother of Pearl). Most gems show beautiful blues, greens, yellows and even warm tinges of red. It has become very popular and its popularity is likely to continue, as while the mystic topaz gemstone does not occur naturally, it is very affordable.

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