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Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Mother of Pearl jewellery is ancient and has featured in fashion jewellery for ages past. See more on Mother of Pearl meaning. Mother of Pearl jewellery is a new range for LotusMoon - at present we offer just these two shimmering pendants, one oyster and one abalone, but we love this gemstone and will be increasing our mother of pearl jewellery range.

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The Mother of Pearl gemstone

The Mother of Pearl gemstone is an extremely beautiful mineral which forms the outer layer of pearls, and the inside lining of the shells of oysters and abalones including the New Zealand Paua.

As the shell grows, very thin crystalline layers of mother of pearl stone (or nacre) are laid down, like laminates or tree rings, one on top of the other. It is light reacting with this layering which gives mother of pearl its sheen. If the gem layers are very thin, the shell might have a rainbow-like iridescence, much like looking at a thin film of oil on a puddle of water on a rainy day (see also iridescence in mystic topaz gems). Among the chief sources of mother of pearl gemstones are the shells of pearl oyster found in warm and tropical seas, and mussels and abalaone from cooler climes.