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Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz jewellery

Lemon quartz jewellery is displayed in silver settings to highlight the rich lemon-yellow color of the gemstone. Black onyx, deep orange carnelian and purple amethyst stones are often set with lemon quartz for a beautiful contrast of light and dark colors. The lemon quartz meaning is often associated with friendship and love so giving lemon quartz jewellery makes for a wonderful remembrance item.

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Lemon Quartz gemstone

Lemon quartz gems from Brazil and Africa are faceted to catch light, creating a dazzling lemon-yellow sparkle. Depending on its varying shades of yellow, the lemon quartz gemstone is also known as green gold, lemon citrine or lemon topaz. The brilliant mineral-based lemon quartz stone can be found naturally when walking along river beds or on beaches where volcanic activity has deposited molten sediment long ago. Lemon quartz is a very durable gem with good hardness, making for superb jewellery which is scratch-resistant and easy to keep. The beautiful pure lemon colour of Lemon Quartz gemstones makes each piece of jewellery a fresh, fun and fabulous accessory for any season color (including spring, summer, autumn or winter) and any wardrobe.

LotusMoon is quite new in Lemon quartz jewellery so current stocks are limited to just lemon quartz rings and pendants - but certainly we would love to bring you more . .  do tell us!

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