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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli gem

Blue from Beyond the Sea - Lapis lazuli is a gemstone of the kind that might have come straight out of the Arabian Nights: a deep blue gem with golden inclusions of pyrites which shimmer like little stars. If you are looking for a real deep blue gemstone colour then Lapis Lazuli jewellery is the only way to go! The Lapis Lazuli gem is definitely a Spring person's colour, and with its deep blue ocean shades, bold Summers may also get away with it!

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Lapis lazuli jewellery

Deep blue, opaque, lapis lazuli jewellery has a grand past. Lapis lazuli was among the first gemstones to be worn as jewellery and worked on. Excavations in the ancient centres of culture around the Mediterranean have again and again found decorative chains and figures made of lapis lazuli – so the deep blue stone was already popular thousands of years ago among the people of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome. It is said that the legendary city of Ur on the Euphrates plied a keen trade in lapis lazuli jewellery and stone as long ago as the fourth millennium B.C., the material coming to the land of the two great rivers from the famous deposits in Afghanistan. In other cultures, lapis lazuli was regarded as a holy stone. Particularly in the Middle East, it was thought to have magical powers. Countless signet rings, scarabs and figures were wrought from the blue stone which Alexander the Great brought to Europe. There, the colour was referred to as 'ultramarine', which means something like 'from beyond the sea'. < read more at gemstone.org >

Lapis lazuli meaning: for many people all over the world the Lapis Lazuli meaning is as a stone of universal truth & friendship - bringing harmony in relationships. Lapis Lazuli stone is  also seen as protective, sheltering the wearer from evil and from physical danger!

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