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Green Onyx

Green onyx gem

There are not too many greens in natural gemstones and this warm green onyx gem has quite wonderful colour. Like its sister, black onyx, the green onyx gem is also very affordable and its colour sits well with ladies who can wear this shade of green, including most Autumns, Springs and Summers. Here are our favourite green onyx earrings. Please also remember our Satisfaction Guarantee so do head down and enjoy Shopping!

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Green onyx jewellery

Shop LotusMoon's handmade jewellery online for great savings on green onyx stone jewelry, green onyx jewellery  including green onyx rings and green onyx earrings in nickel-free sterling silver.

Green onyx meaning: The onyx is a Chinese zodiac sign which balances Yin & Yang energies & promotes vigour, steadfastness & stamina. LotusMoon use the pure black or deep green forms: they are said to banish grief; bringing good fortune, self-confidence and recognition of personal strengths.