Natural Gemstones Handcrafted in Sterling Silver


Coral gems

Records dating back thousands of years confirm that coral gem stone was used in decorative art objects. The coral meaning is believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection when worn as coral jewellery. Dreams about coral are believed to foretell recovery from a long illness. Ancients believed that Mars was composed of red coral stone.


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Natural Coral jewellery

As with other soft materails like cinnabar, coral jewellery needs special care and attention. Natural coral jewellery comes in a myriad of colours including some wonderful reds, greens, whites and blues.

With our time spent in South East Asia we have come to love the coral and it's denizens including anemones, sea horses and clown fish. So with the world-wide destruction of coral reefs, and until such time as natural coral stone can be harvested in a sustainable way, LotusMoon do not offer  natural coral jewellery.

There are however lovely coral stone synthetics which we are currently exploring - do give us your thoughts. One of these pieces, a red coral pendant, is shown below. And Remember our Satisfaction Guarantee so do head down and enjoy Shopping!