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Cognac Quartz

Cognac Quartz Jewellery

This is a new line for LotusMoon so we'll love all your feedback. Just a few pieces of cognac quartz jewellery are presently available. These include cognac quartz rings and pendant. Take charge of your own destiny and wear Cognac Quartz today!
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Cognac Quartz gem

The Cognac Quartz gem is a version of the Smoky Quartz gems preferred by folk who would like the gemstone a little brighter. Smoky Quartz historically was the material for the crystal balls used by fortune tellers, and some of the mystique of this distinctive quartz seems to persist in smoky quartz meaning to this day. Like smoky quartz, wearing Cognac Quartz jewellery might enhance our survival and help turn our wishes, dreams and desires into reality.