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Citrine jewellery

Citrine jewellery with its oustanding yellow orange glow is a truly wonderful choice for those who can wear it. Browse below for citrine jewellery including citrine rings, earrings and citrine pendants. For handmade jewellery online shop LotusMoon's Citrine jewellery and remember our Satisfaction Guarantee so do head down and enjoy Shopping!

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Citrine gem stone

Revered by the ancients as a gift of the sun, the citrine gem was traditionally called the "merchant's stone" and it was believed that keeping a citrine crystal in one's cashbox helped one maintain his wealth. The gem name Citrine comes from the word "citrus" like the colour of the orange, although the most sought-after citrine gem stones have a clear, radiant yellow to brownish red. Citrine can be found in large crystals, and flawless gems of all sizes have been cut. A natural mixture of purple Amethyst and golden Citrine has been coined with name "Ametrine"

The yellow citrine stones have just that mellow, warm tone that seems to have captured the last glow of autumn. Like golden Rhine wine or sparkling Madeira, heavy and sweet, citrine jewellery shimmers and brings a hint of sunshine to dull November days.

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