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Carnelian gems

Carnelain is one of our favourite gem stone colours. We think wearing this sunny orange carnelian jewellery makes us all feel happy and bright and we have a nice range of carnelian stone in rings, earrings, bracelets and carnelian pendants . . all with AAA quality carnelian gems. (for something truly BIG and orange, check out our chunky B300 AAA Carnelian bracelet).

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Carnelian jewellery

This orange jewellery is formed from Carnelian; a translucent, reddish orange variety of Chalcedony. Carnelian stone is ancient, having been used as gem material since antiquity. Carnelian meaning: The carnelian stone is focused on giving energy. Wearing carnelian jewellery is said to aid understanding of the inner self and boosting concentration. It overcomes the fear of public speaking, increases self-worth, and is a fast acting stone to succeed in one's career.

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