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Amethyst Rings

With a bold and striking amethyst ring, this is the best way to wear Amethyst!

Alluring and provocative certainly, but the amethyst gemstone is also durable and hard wearing, easy to clean. So this gem just loves to be worn as an amethyst ring on the hand. It will stand up to all the wear and tear of the daily grind, so you might be forgiven for forgetting it's still on your hand. Although this is for sure: A bold and striking amethyst ring will certainly draw attention, engendering a query and get people to say "WOW, where did that gorgeous purple ring come from?"

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Shop an amethyst ring

In shopping an amethyst ring you might ask of your priority. For instance as a quiet delicate statement of promise, our second ring shown, ring 1125, is a most appropriate amethyst promise ring. But if you're looking for the drama effect then why not try a really deep, rich coloured amethyst gem in one of the more chunky amethyst ring designs. We have a range of single and multiple gemstone amethyst rings in various shapes, sizes and colours including paler violets & deep purples, all nicely balanced with nickel-free sterling silver ring settings.