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Amethyst Earrings

The LotusMoon Amethyst Earrings Set

If you're shopping for your lady partner, you can just go for the 'seduction' with a gift of amethyst earrings, or put in more work by checking out her amethyst birthstone or zodiac stone and finding if the amethyst meaning or its color season suits her. At the end it just comes down to this: amethyst earrings are a fun gift for any woman, or a treat to yourself when your wardrobe needs a wakeup. Want to feel rich and regal? Slip on a pair of deep purple amethyst earrings. You’ll always turn heads in LotusMoon Amethyst. Passionate, fun, vivacious, seductive. . whatever your mood, you’ll find amethyst earrings to match it, here at LotusMoon today.

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LotusMoon's set of Amethyst earrings includes dainty stud earrings in simple settings and larger amethyst drop earrings with fancy silver settings. So you should be able to find an amethyst earring pair to fit your every mood and style of outfit. Simple yet suited for both casual and formal wear, these classy amethyst earrings are a must to include with your jewellery collection. Royal purple amethyst stud earrings are just perfect in sterling silver. A cool & stylish look for all occasions makes silver amethyst earrings a stunning gift for your special lady, or why not indulge yourself?

The Amethyst meaning is "extravagance in violet: its colour is as unique as it is seductive, though in fact of all gemstones this purple stone is said to protect its wearer against seduction". If you follow the mythology then don't just keep a rough amethyst stone under your pillow or on your window sill. Wear it instead close to your skin as fine, polished amethyst earrings or other jewellery! "History has it that most of all the amethyst stone has always been esteemed as the stone of friendship" So with men wearing jewellery these days, why don't you guys also get yourselves a set of fine, stud amethyst earrings to go along with hers? Then just put your heads close together to enhance and bring on the friendship!