Natural Gemstones Handcrafted in Sterling Silver

Agate Pendants

Each superb gemstone agate pendant is oval in shape with agate gem size about one inch (21-28mm).
You may choose either of these sterling silver pendant settings: the simpler design P350 pendant or the more intricate P530 Agate pendant. Agate stones are mounted horizontally (see the top group) or vertically (scroll down).

Note: Please choose your Sterling Chain separately.

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Agate pendants:

While Earth's crust was forming and still in a molten state, gas pockets and cavities formed in relatively low temperature, volatile magma. As the magma cooled and hardened into rock, the hollow cavities filled with high-temperature, mineral-rich fluids. Layers of agate deposited from the fluids began to form, often following the shape of the cavity.
Agate is in the quartz family, composed primarily of microscopic crystallized silica (SiO2). It has curved bands, or zones, of differing color. Some agate slices are treated with different compounds and heated to give them brilliant blue, green and red colors. These specimens have been sawed and polished. 

Picture are typical of the items available.  Each Agate is unique and will vary in shape, size and appearance.  No two specimens will be exactly alike.