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For all who admire beauty there is something mystical, alluring and simply gorgeous in gemstones like amethyst and topaz, citrine and chalcedony . . and their cousins including cinnabar and lapis lazuli, pearl, opal and turquoise . . all of which carry their folk stories and mystic traditions from so many different races and cultures, peoples and places from across history and all around the world.

Shop Gemstone Jewellery by LotusMoon for a wonderful range of over 30 sparkling quality gems in gemstone rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendant necklaces. Hundreds of designs; all ex stock and postage free. Click Rings, Earrings, Bracelets or Pendants and choose a gemstone, or click a pic below for rings, earrings, the whole jewellery set:

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Our special contacts include suppliers of semi-precious gemstones among the best in the world and LotusMoon’s silver smiths who hand-craft 925 nickel-free sterling silver settings of such exceptional quality. Today we offer over 30 gemstones exclusively from 20 different countries including Australia, Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Iraq, India, Pakistan, China and Poland. Our silver artisans are located mostly within small inland villages in Bali, Indonesia.

LotusMoon's jewellery design work is of increasingly New Zealand origin and for which we owe thanks to family and friends and all the other supporters who helped us along the way. We welcome your comments and value your input if you would like to email us directly at contact us.