Opal Engagement Rings

For elegance these affordable opal engagement rings from LotusMoon Jewellery are simply outstanding. This opal engagement ring has a wonderful pale purple colour with just a hint of rainbows blended in the lustre of distant seas. The gemstones are natural Australian clear crystal opals with good clarity and colour and the setting is 925 grade nickel-free sterling silver.opal engagement rings

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Opal engagement rings

LotusMoon's opal makes for very special engagement rings. You might be considering opal simply as the gem is so nice or perhaps you are into gemstone astrology. For instance opal is the birthstone for October, and so an October engagement ring will feature Opal. Maybe her birth month happens to be October, or October is a special date for an engagement, or a promise-date or just a special October day to remember. Anyway it makes great sense to consider buying her a promise ring from LotusMoon set with Opal, the October gemstone. This is because giving her a promise ring is even more special if you include your friend’s birthstone.

A promise ring is such a nice idea and it really doesn't’t have to be all about the first steps towards a marriage.  Go here for some examples of promises which you might both celebrate with a promise ring.

More about opal gems: you may not know this, but opal engagement rings with genuine top quality natural opal gemstones may even surpass the value of engagement rings set with diamond.