LotusMoon's Winter Colors

winter colors
Winters can wear black, white and pure greys.
winter colors
Also true reds, blues and some yellows.

Winter colors are cool colors - the colors of winter. Visualize the blacks and greys of winter snow scenes in daytime or outdoor
Christmas tree lights at night. Your colouring is crisp and distinctive. Winters are rich and intense in hair and eye colour.

Do you match these winter ladies? If so check out the winter colors and jewellery which will suit you,

Penelope Winter Colors
Penelope Cruz
Catherine Winter Colors
Catherine Zeta Jones
Eva Winter Colors
Eva Longoria
Elizabeth Winter Colors
Elizabeth Taylor

Wear this Winter Jewellery . .

Turquoise Jewellery
Green Agate Jewellery
Rose Quartz Jewellery
Garnet Jewellery
Opal Jewellery
Swiss Blue Topaz Jewellery
Black Onyx Jewellery
Pearl Jewellery
Lemon Quartz Jewellery
Amethyst Jewellery
Lapis Lazuli Jewellery