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Spring Colors - Anita Martin

Spring colors are warm colors and your coloration is bright and sunny. To remember the warm Spring palette, just think about the colors of spring - like bright, fresh spring flowers. Select colours that look as if they are bathed in sunlight. Your best colour will mirror the color of your eyes.

If your coloring is similar to these spring color gals, you might want to scroll to see what jewellery colors suit you,

Jodie spring colors
Jodie Foster
Nicole spring colors
Nicole Kidman
Meg spring colors
Meg Ryan
Cameron Spring colors
Cameron Diaz
Kate Spring colors
Kate Hudson

Spring Jewellery is simply stunning . .

Wear this Spring Jewellery . .

green onyx Spring Jewellery
Green Onyx Jewellery
peridot Spring Jewellery
Peridot Jewellery
Red Jasper Jewellery
turquoise Spring Jewellery
yellow agate Spring Jewellery
Swiss Blue Topaz
Coral Spring Jewellery
Coral Jewellery
Lapis Lazuli Spring Jewellery
Lapis Lazuli Jewellery
citrine Spring Jewellery
Citrine Jewellery
prehnite Spring Jewellery
Prehnite Jewellery
amethyst Spring Jewellery
Amethyst Jewellery
Spring Carnelian Jewellery
Carnelian Jewellery
Lemon Quartz Jewellery
Lemon Quartz Jewellery