Natural Gemstones Handcrafted in Sterling Silver

About Us

LotusMoon NZ Jewellery Auckland

Terry & Ro
was started in 2008 by wife and husband team Rosemary and Terry Cox who had spent many years working and living as Kiwi expatriates in Asia.

From there we secured semi-precious gemstone suppliers and skilled silversmiths from among the best in the world.

Our Gems
All who admire beauty find something mystical, alluring and simply gorgeous in gemstones. Dazzling gems of top cut, clarity and colour simply demand to be worn close to the skin to enhance your skin tone, make you look younger and healthier, brighten your hair and eyes, and give you an overall style pick-me-up.

Our Jewellery Settings
Gemstone beauty is enhanced with silver rather than gold or other metals, and safe continuous skin contact from nickel-free sterling silver.

Best Value for Money - LotusMoon always seeks to lower costs to ensure the products are affordable. We can do this because we own our designs, we source gemstones internationally in bulk, and we place our handcraft work with silversmiths who provide exceptional quality at most competitive rates. By keeping our costs down we can afford jewellery of top quality.

We are proud of our products and give a 100% money back guarantee.');