Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are hand crafted very carefully by LotusMoon. Because of its pride of place on the finger, a well-made ring must be hard wearing and easily cleaned though designed to catch the eye. A real gem of good cut and clarity has that inner sparkle which demands to be noticed.

Also worth thinking about, rings makes for a great way to wear gemstones close to the skin. (to read more on curative and healing properties of real, natural gemstones, click here on gemstone meanings).

LotusMoon's Gemstone Rings

Do shop LotusMoon's gemstone rings. The range comprises hundreds of rings in a range of gemstones all set in 925 sterling silver, and with many different silver settings and ring styles. (see our full range of rings) here.
Our most popular styles and sizes of gemstone rings will usually be available in stock and ready for same-day shipment. (To check your ring finger size please browse ring sizes. To find out if we have your size, click any ring pic and choose the scroll box labeled "ring size")