Gemstone Pendants

Why not shop for a large gemstone pendant to really show off your wardrobe? (and receive any healing and curative properties which might be forthcoming from wearing the gemstone close to the skin)

Gemstone Pendants by LotusMoon
You've a heap of gemstone pendants to choose from at LotusMoon; hundreds of pendants in over 30 gemstones all set in 925 sterling silver, and with many different silver settings and ring styles. Above are some of our favourite gemstone pendants. Please click any one of the pics to see more, or click here for the full gemstone pendants range.

Gemstone pendants are meticulously shaped at LotusMoon. Pendants enjoy a special place in our wardrobe through their great adaptability.  Pendants may be worn on a long or short chain around the neck, and of course either over or under your top. This in turn enables you to wear a large gemstone pendant close to the skin, which for many folk is so desirable in terms of the healing or curative property which that might bring you as the wearer.  (to read more on curative and healing properties of real, natural gemstones, click here on gemstone meanings)

Among all jewellery, a pendant is most forgiving in terms of wear and tear. So this gives us the best opportunity to show off the more delicate gemstones including turquoise, opal and coral. For that reason indeed, LotusMoon offer Coral only as pendants, because the coral stone is fragile and so easily damaged. Finally, please note that our gemstone pendant prices do not include chains - browse here for your chain selection.