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"To get the greatest benefit from the meaning of rose-quartz you should wear the gem frequently and keep it close to your skin. A great way to do this is with your gemstone set into earrings, a pendant, bracelet or a ring"

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Rose Quartz Meaning

The Rose Quartz meaning is "the stone of gentle love"
For rose quartz brings peace and calm to relationships; it opens our Hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful & gentle. It is said to improve fertility and encourage a beautiful complexion.
When worn in jewellery it helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth as rose quartz emits a calming, cooling energy which can gently remove negativity and reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self love.

It is good to wear in a chaotic or crisis situation as the meaning of rose quartz gives excellent energy for healing emotional "wounds". It is a rejuvenating agent for both physical body and the emotions and an excellent stone to give to express friendship. Your marriage can have more sparkle and fire when you wear rose quartz jewellery or keep your earrings under the pillow as Rose quartz is also the stone of love in marriage.

Rose quartz is a "serenity palette", a wonderful summer colour and a zodiac birthstone for Capricorn and Taurus.

As Amethyst is to the Spirit, so Rose Quartz is to the Heart.
Wear Rose Quartz Jewellery for Love.