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"To get the greatest benefit from the meaning of coral you should wear the gem frequently and keep it close to your skin.

A great way to do this is with a lovely LotusMoon coral pendant"
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Coral Meaning

Coral is an organic gem stone which protects and strengthens one's emotional foundation. It has been treasured as a protective stone since time immemorial. Even today in many cultures, red coral jewellery is still worn as a talisman to protect the wearer against evil spirits. Many people use it to make rosary beads keeping evil at a safe distance.

Modern gemstone therapists also highly esteem its positive effects. The Coral stone, it is said, relieves tension and fear and promotes positive forms of social life.Coral is said to promote courage and perseverance to face and solve problems and reduce risks. This gemstone is also an ideal gem for a happy marital life.

This bright red coral is a Spring colour and also a zodiac sign for Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Scorpio .