Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets are a great way to dazzle your friends!

Swing your wrist like so and they catch the light and truly sparkle! (this is all about well-cut gemstones of good colour and clarity). And unlike gold (which is often too bold in colour) the gentle glow of sterling silver blends in so well. And we all know what people say about healing bracelets. Well, if you read up on gems like moonstone for instance (moonstone said to be protective for women and babies) and you like what you learn, then how about shopping for a LotusMoon moonstone or rainbow moonstone bracelet?

Gemstone Bracelets by LotusMoon
The full range comprises hundreds of bracelets in a range of gemstones all set in 925 sterling silver, and with many different silver settings and styles. LotusMoon's gemstone bracelets range from petite and to large and chunky. Here are some of our favorite bracelets. . click a pic above, or check out the whole bracelet range

Some gemstone bracelet history
Gemstone bracelets have been hand-made and worn by people and cultures all over the world for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt men and women often wore jewellery as part of their day to day dress including bracelets, anklets and collars, earrings, necklaces and finger rings. Gemstones including carnelian, tigers eye, turquoise, garnet and lapis lazuli were instrumental in warding off mystical threats. The protective element of these stones appears to be related to nature and the environment including autumn reds and browns, the greenness of spring, lapis sky blue  and the carnelian orange colour of the desert. Many such shades and colours can be found in the desert oasis.
Ancient Egyptian bracelet with
turquoise, garnet and lapis lazuli