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Buy some lovely bracelets and bangles:
LotusMoon Jewellery use only real, natural gemstones sourced world-wide and of the best value for money we can provide.
To chose a bracelet, pick the gem or colour you want and click to find a size and style which suits,

garnet bracelets
Garnet Bracelets
Carnelian Bracelets
citrine bracelets
Citrine Bracelets
peridot bracelets
Peridot Bracelets
lapis lazuli bracelets
Lapis Lazuli Bracelets
amethyst bracelets
Amethyst Bracelets
pearl bracelets
Pearl Bracelets
cinnabar bracelets
Cinnabar Bracelets
red jasper bracelets
Red Jasper Bracelets
tiger eye bracelets
Tiger Eye Bracelets
opal mosaic bracelets
Opal Mosaic Bracelets
turquoise bracelets
Turquoise Bracelets
turquoise black onyx bracelets
Turquoise Black Onyx Bracelets
moonstone bracelets
Moonstone Bracelets
rose-quartz bracelets
rose-Quartz Bracelets
red-tiger-eye bracelets
prehnite bracelets
Prehnite Bracelets
sky-blue-topaz bracelets
Sky Blue Topaz Bracelets
swiss-blue-topaz bracelets
Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelets
opal bracelets
Opal Bracelets
chalcedony bracelets
Chalcedony Bracelets
black-onyx bracelets
Black Onyx Bracelets
smoky-quartz bracelets
Smoky-Quartz Bracelets
rainbow-moonstone bracelets
Rainbow-Moonstone Bracelets