LotusMoon's blue gemstones

We've some magical blue jewellery to show you!
Choose the vivid blue Lapis lazuli gems or try a piece of jewellery with Blue Agate dominant. Again Turquoise is a much sought
after gemstone with its green blue jewellery tone and even Moonstone will pick up a wonderful blue jewellery sheen if you're
wearing blue in the right place.

Swiss Blue Topaz jewellery
Swiss Blue Topaz
Sky Blue Topaz jewellery
Sky Blue Topaz

Chalcedony Jewellery
Opal jewellery
Turquoise Jewellery
Lapis Lazuli Jewellery
Lapis Lazuli
Blue Agate Jewellery
Blue Agate
Moonstone Jewellery
Lace Blue Agate Jewellery
Blue Lace Agate