Oct 302014

NZ Jewellery Auckland is tops

nZ jewellery auckland
Auckland is the home of LotusMoon Jewellery, the New Zealand and International leaders in exquisite affordable handmade and birthstone jewellery. With its diversity in peoples and climate, NZ jewellery Auckland and gemstone jewellery design, go together hand in hand. Do please visit our LotusMoon Jewellery webshop for the best of NZ jewellery gifts from Auckland.
Four Seasons in Gems
Gems, like people, have colour seasons.
It’s not surprising for instance that Julia Roberts and Smoky Quartz gemstones both are ‘Autumn Season.
And in Auckland we needn’t wait months for the new season to come around – for Auckland can have four seasons of weather in a single day!
Four Seasons in a Day in Auckland


smoky-quartz jewellery autumn
Although we don’t have the weather extremes, an Auckland day may turn quickly from warm sunny summer to cold drizzly winter, though we never see the extremes of droughts, snow blizzards, hurricanes or tropical downpours. Just like our Auckland jewellery, our Auckland weather is never boring. It is seldom excessively wet or dry – also a mecca for those who enjoy sea stuff!
nz jewellery auckland-summerSummer colours
nz jewellery auckland autumnAutumn colours
nz jewellery auckland winterWinter colours
nz jewellery auckland springSpring colours
And if you want to find NZ jewellery from Auckland which fits your own colour season you can go here to discover your colours or if you know already which colour season you are, click on the row below to find you own matching jewellery.
rose quartz ring summer jewellery blue-summer-nails amber-earrings-autumn-jewel carnelian-summer-nails pearl-ring LotusMoon Koru Sterling Silver Ring peridot-ring-autumn-jewellery amethyst-ring
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