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It's time again for Halloween. .

Halloween Pumpkin 300x266 Happy Halloween!

and a quick look at

November Birthstone Jewellery

tom daily instagram  width 420 Happy Halloween!
Tom Daily  credit: instagram.com

Halloween is here on 31 October and then we move into November!

Here's some November questions:
What's the birth flower for November?chrysanthemum2 300x225 Happy Halloween!
The Chysanthemum which stands for  Hope, Cheerfulness, Optimism and Truth.

November birthstone jewellery

What's your November birthstone?
Citrine which stands for Wisdom, Courage and Sincerity.

So where do we go for our November birthstone jewellery?
Shop right here!
Click here for dazzling citrine stones in a wide range of affordable LotusMoon citrine jewellery – including citrine earrings, rings, bracelets and citrine pendants.

Speaking of Citrine, click this image on the right, and take a really deep look into this Citrine cabochon

Isn't it truly marvelous? What do you see?

Drop me a comment below and tell me . .   Cheers shades smile Happy Halloween!         Terry

Citrine Happy Halloween!


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