Mar 202013

Time to change up for autumn beauty

Here's a timely article from,
"Now that summer is officially over – and it's finally raining at last – we've rounded up a few low-key but smart autumn beauty moves to help you tackle the tricky season ahead. . more "

8439768 Autumn beautyAUTUMN GLOW: Stephanie Kukulka works the seasonal change.
So we thought we'd round up some of the new seson's autumn jewellery by LotusMoon Designs.
Click the pics below to see more, or go here to shop LotusMoon.
We'd love you to let us know how you like our autumn jewellery selection:  shades smile Autumn beauty  cheers  Terry
peridot ring 300x300 Autumn beauty 3045 1 300x300 Autumn beauty orange red agate pendant 300x300 Autumn beauty
In order clockwise from top-left: green peridot ring, smoky quartz bracelet, orange-white agate pendant, orange citrine earrings, green cinnabar pendant & white pearl and citrine earrings.
1675 1 300x300 Autumn beauty green cinnabar pendant 300x300 Autumn beauty pearl and citrine earrings 300x300 Autumn beauty
Autumn colors are warm colors  – the colors of Fall. The Autumn palette of fall colors is easy to remember if you think about a beautiful Autumn landscape. Your natural colouring is fiery, earthy, golden and natural. You can wear both muted and rich, warm colours like the autumn foliage or exotic spice colors.


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