Birthstone Promise Rings by LotusMoon

Birthstone promise rings offer an exquisite and affordable gift with a difference from LotusMoon!

Why are LotusMoon's birthstone promise rings so special?

  • Promise: a promise ring is a very special way to tell her something important
  • Quality: handmade by LotusMoon in sterling silver with a single large gem of flawless quality
  • Birthstone: the ring includes your or your friend’s own birthstone
You can select from a range of twelve different birthstone promise rings, with a single large solitaire gem for each birthmonth. For a special promise ring example, consider selecting Opal Engagement Rings, or click on one of the rings shown below to see more.
All rings are of finest handcrafted 925 sterling silver and high quality natural real gemstones.
january birthstone promise ring garnet
february birthstone promise ring amethyst
march birthstone promise ring blue-topaz
april birthstone promise ring opal
may birthstone promise ring turquoise
june birthstone promise ring pearl
july birthstone promise ring carnelian
august birthstone promise ring garnet
september birthstone promise ring moonstone
october-birthstone promise ring opal
november birthstone promise ring red-jasper
december birthstone promise ring black-onyx

Solitaire Birthstone Promise Rings
Get her a sterling silver promise ring - set with her own birthstone

Buy an exquisite and affordable solitaire ring with a difference from LotusMoon. LotusMoon’s birthstone promise rings can be even more special if you choose to include your or your friend’s birthstone. You can choose from a range of twelve different birthstone rings, with a single large solitaire gem for each birthmonth. A promise ring is such a nice idea and it really doesn’t have to be all about the first steps towards a marriage. Here’s some examples,

  • I will always remember your birthday
  • I will be always faithful to you
  • I will be your best friend
  • I will always be there for you
  • I will return (from war or travel overseas etc)
  • I will follow a particular religion
As long as the promise is between two people, the ring can be given and accepted as a symbol of the promise made. However indeed, the most common occasion for a promise ring is as a pre-engagement ring. Regardless of the promise ring meanings, however, you have to explain the reason why you give the ring. Never expect that the other person will know exactly your intentions. You have to spell them out clearly.