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November Birthstone Jewelry
November birthstone rings
Citrine is the key for November birthstone jewellery: these citrine colors, together with other Scorpio birthstones dominate both Autumn and Spring colors.

Revered by the ancients as a gift of the sun, the citrine stone was traditionally called the "merchant's stone" and it was believed that keeping a citrine crystal in one's cashbox helped one maintain his wealth.
Today, the meaning of citrine stone is said to raise self esteem, promote inner calm, combat depression, fears & phobias. Some claim it helps with digestive problems, stomach ailments, circulation and the thyroid.
The November birthstone meanings: Wisdom, Courage and Sincerity.

November Birthstone

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More Jewelry in November star-sign Scorpio colors
The star sign is Scorpio The Scorpion, and Scorpio zodiac colors include greenish-blue, reds and browns. As well as Citrine, most November birthday gals and guys can wear Scorpio birthstone jewelry in a range of other gemstones. Here are just a few of the Scorpio birthstones you can wear. Chose a gemstone and color which is right for you,
Star Sign: Scorpio
The Scorpion
November Scorpio birthstone jewelry
This month
Oct 23 - Nov 21
For a cool Scorpio birthstone for November,
You've got several nice choices among a range of gemstone colors across all of the color season colors: Autumn, Summer, Winter and Spring. To help select a color, discover her color season here, or learn more here about the separate gemstone meanings of the Scorpio birthstones.
Here's the entire range of Scorpio birthstones: click any gem to see the jewelry,
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