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January birthstone rings
Buy stunning January birthstone rings and earrings. Below are a few of our wonderful January birthstone rings and jewelry pieces, all in the deep red January birthstone, garnet. The birthstone for January is Garnet and the January birthstone color, deep red, is both a Winter and a Spring color. The January birthstone meanings: faith, constancy and truth.
Wearing garnet is said to bring great luck in most things, especially in money and in love. It assists healing and gives us energy and inspiration. Wearing a red garnet birthstone is most prospitious for those born in January and makes for a truly great choice!


Deep Red
January Birthstone

garnet birthstone jewelry January


Capricorn birthstone jewelry
You may also want to check out our other January jewelry in your January star sign Capricorn . . Here are just a few capricorn birthstone pieces which the Csapricorn gals can wear. Take a look at these or head down a bit to see all of the capricorn birthstone jewelry and find a color which is right for you,
Star Sign: Capricorn
The Goat
January Capricorn birthstone jewelry
This month
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Shop this great range of Capricorn birthstone jewelry shown below, or check out next month if your birthday is after January 19th . .
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Rose Quartz
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Black Onyx