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Get August birthstone rings and jewelry in Peridot

This page is for ladies with Autumn birthdays and we offer some great August birthstone rings and birthstone jewelry featuring Peridot, the birthstone for the month of August.

The peridot meaning is ancient: a peridot birthstone is a protection stone, which emits a warm friendly energy aiding in healing of all kinds, especially emotional healing. Peridots, like diamonds, are formed deep in the earth, surfacing only during volcanic eruptions. Hawaiian mythology refers to this vibrant green gemstone as the tears of the fire goddess, Pele.
Today's popular peridot meaning is to encourage growth and prosperity; to help one to find inner happiness and to overcome anger and jealousy. Wear Peridot Jewellery for Happiness!

The August birthstone color, green, goes especially well with both Autumn and Spring color seasons.

August Birthstone

peridot birthstone jewellery August

peridot birthstone jewellery August
peridot birthstone jewellery August
peridot birthstone jewellery August
peridot birthstone jewellery August

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Want a different color? August birthdates from 1-20 August belong to Leo The Lion and there are a heap of Leo birthstones covering all the color season colors: Fall, Summer, Winter and Spring. (born after 22 Aug? click ahead for Next Month, Virgo).

Here are just a few examples,

Star Sign: Leo
The Lion
august leo birthstone jewelry
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Jul 23 - Aug 22
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tiger eye jewelry
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garnet jewelry
lapis lazuli birthstone jewellery August
lapis lazuli jewelry
green onyx jewellery August
green onyx jewelry
red jasper jewellery August
red jasper jewelry
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