LotusMoon's 10 Great Gift Buying Tips

1 February Birthstone - what's her personality? Does she set the pace, or stay with the crowd?

Consider her personality and style of dress. If she's conservative, think about classic pieces like matching pearls. If she's a pace-setter look at a chunky bracelet or ring.

2 Match her current jewellery range.

Get her something that fits right in with what she already has. Is her jewellery big and bold, or more classic and understated?

3 Look at how she dresses,  casual or formal?

Her dress style can provide you with another clue to choosing the perfect jewellery gift. If she is a progressive business lady perhaps a bold agate ring? Or, if she is more comfortable wearing jeans and a sweater on a night out, stylish long drop earrings might be just right for her?

4 Hear what she says

Sorry guys, but maybe she is telling you what she would like... are you listening? Try her out with casual questions. You might learn a lot.

5 Does she have favourite jewellery she wears often?

Perhaps she always wears earrings and never bracelets, maybe she loves pastel colours like sky blue. Shop for pieces which extend her range and she'll appreciate having. Or perhaps go outside her range . . but try those casual questions first!

6 Get her a 'must-have' she doesn't have, like pearls or studs.

'Must-have' jewellery typically refers to items considered to be classics or staples. Examples include stud earrings and pearls or black onyx jewellery.

7 Think of her colour scheme.

Simplistic as it may seem, remember to consider colour as a factor in your search. If you don't already know her favorite shade, find out! Perhaps (?) you can ask her natural hair colour to discover her colour season for those colour which make her shine!

8 Whats your budget?

Shop by price can save you a lot of time if you know how much you want to spend.

9 Ask her girlfriends or family.

They'll love helping you shop for her, perhaps start with the top bestsellers, and you'll be surprised by their insights!

10 Don't leave it until the last moment. Do it right and catch the post!

Also waiting until the last minute may lead to poor choices. Do your homework to find the perfect gift!